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5 Kitchen Color Schemes to Go With Black Appliances

Updated: Mar 6

A kitchen with black appliances


So, you’ve got some black kitchen appliances in your kitchen or maybe you’re looking to get some (nice choice). But you’re scared that your appliances and your kitchen paint are going to contrast worse than jorts and hairy legs. While black is a simple hue in itself, it’s challenging to find the right kitchen paint that gives it that chef’s kiss. Yes, black appliances are sleek, stylish, and versatile, but they can also make your kitchen look dark and dull if you don’t choose the right colors to go with them.

Choosing the right color for your kitchen shouldn’t just be based on your black kitchen appliances. No no no, you have to think of the big picture.

Here are some more questions you might want to ask yourself:

  • How much natural lighting do I get in my kitchen?

  • What style of kitchen cabinets do I have? Will they mesh with the color options?

  • Does my kitchen island affect how my color choice will look?

  • Will my backsplash complement the direction I want to go in?

  • How will the color combination look when compared to the other rooms?

  • Does it support my overall home environment?

There are tons of questions to consider here and we do recommend you take the time to ask and answer these fully. Painting your kitchen is a huge endeavour in a kitchen design project and you don’t want to have any doubts before it’s too late.

Ready? Alright, let’s get into 5 popular color schemes that will surely work well with your black appliances.

5 Color Schemes to Go With Your Black Appliances

Terracotta and Grey

This color palette is a wonderful way to give your kitchen a cozy, earthy feel. The contrast between the black equipment and the terracotta cabinetry or walls makes the space feel warm and welcoming, and a backsplash or countertops in grey lends the space some refinement and harmony.


A grey and terracotta kitchen scheme

(Source: HouseBeautiful)



Maybe you’re looking for something more modern. Well, this might be right up your alley then. Blending beige and grey (thus we create greige), is a neutral, adaptable color that may brighten up your room and make a smooth transition between light and dark hues. This color palette is perfect for a modern, minimalist kitchen. To make it more interesting, add some pops of color with accessories or artwork.

A kitchen scheme of Greige

(Source: Hunker)


Mint Green and Beige

Like a refreshing margarita, this color scheme is a refreshing and cheerful choice for your kitchen. Mint green is a calming, light hue that may add brightness to your room while instilling a sense of peace and tranquility. Beige is a warm, neutral hue that goes well with black appliances and gives your kitchen a cozy, welcoming feel. This color combination is ideal for a kitchen designed in the cottage or farmhouse style; to make it look even more fresh and tidy, add some white or cream accent pieces.

A kitchen scheme with Mint Green and Beige

(Source: Sweeten)


Light Blue, Tan, and Grey

This color combination is a classy and stylish choice for your kitchen. Light blue is a calming, gentle hue that may give your kitchen a feeling of openness and airiness. Rich and earthy, tan may provide a striking contrast with black appliances while also bringing warmth and depth to your interior design. A clean and sophisticated appearance may be achieved by coordinating everything with the neutral, contemporary color grey. A kitchen in a contemporary or coastal design would look great with this color scheme, and you could add some chrome or silver accessories to make it look even more glam.

A kitchen scheme of Light Blue, Tan, and Grey

(Source: The Spruce)


Navy Blue and White

For your kitchen, this color palette is a timeless classic. An eye-catching contrast when used with black appliances, navy blue is a powerful and stunning hue. An area may be made to appear balanced and polished by using the crisp, pure color white cabinet look. An elegant and glamorous kitchen may be achieved by adding some gold or brass accents to this color scheme, which works well for both classic and transitional kitchen designs.

A kitchen scheme of Navy Blue and White

It’s hard to deny that there are so many great options of color options to go with your black kitchen appliances. Where first you might have been a little intimidated by this direction of appliances, it’s easy to see now that kitchen harmony is obtainable.

Best of luck, and happy kitchen designing.

If you're looking for help getting started on your kitchen redesign, check out our Idea Design Gallery for some inspiration.


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